I thought it would be fun to make a small visualization of the temporal Twitter network that so elegantly emerges, persists and vanish in the time of the NetSci conference.

Each node is a user that has tweeted or retweeted using the #NetSci2018 or #NetSci18 hashag. Links are formed or incremented when one user likes another user's tweet. Areas scale with in-strength.

Below the network there is a BRUSH bar, and it controls time. You can drag it around by its edges to widen or shorten the temporal layer, or simply pan it to inspect changes over time. I dare you to press the button.

If you tweeted at NetSci 2018, you are probably one of the nodes in this network. Enter your own Twitter handle in the text input cell and your name will light up.

Overall it's clear that the liked and retweeted nodes were @vcolizza (who co-hosted the conference with @alainbarrat), @alexvespi, @svscarpino, @aaronclauset and @cosnet_bifi, and that the most mentioned node is @netsci2018.

There's not much else to it. Code and data on Github.

- Ulf Aslak