Reach out if you want to talk about: AI, machine learning, data visualization, complex systems, applied statistical inference, network data, and general data science. Things I am exceptionally good at are:

  • Data visualization: I build beautiful interactive data visualizations from scratch (that means no Tableau or Power BI). I deploy things in pure JS, HTML and CSS, optionally using a lightweight web framework—like Svelte—depending on scale. Portfolio examples on my blog (titles with Viz).
  • Scientific advising: I have years of experience as a academic data scientist, which means that I am closly familiar with state-of-the-art methods in various domains. If you have a really hard problem that needs a scientific solution, I might be able to advice you. I am particularly good at solving clustering problems, optimizing supervised machine learning algorithms, making numerical statistical inference, and running simulations. I have domain expertise with various types of network data (social, neural, informational, biological), text data, and mobility data.
  • Mathematical programming: I have built several small and large pieces of scientific software that I, for the most part, open source so people can use it in their research and businesses. See for example Infostop and Netwulf. I like to build packages with Python interfaces, but I am comfortable with C++ and JavaScript too. So let's imagine that you need a package for fitting a specific type of model to some data, making a certain type of interactive plot, or running a standard scraping/preprocessing/transformation procedure. I know about such things.
  • Speaking: I have presented at 20+ events (that I can count) and taught seven university courses for (in aggregate) thousands of students over four years. And I am a pretty good communicator (see this, this, this, and Awards and stipends in my CV). I can give high-level talks about, for example, the value of data, the benefit of data visualization, data science and its applications, and ethics (e.g. responsible AI and unbiased machine learning). I also give more technical lectures explaining concepts in machine learning, network science, complex systems, general data science, etc., adapted to a level of communication that will maximise comprehension.


I am currently exceedingly busy. Beyond a short chat, I am not available for any real work.


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