Short bio:

Ulf Aslak (b. 1990) is a Danish physicist, data scientist and creative coder. He works at Rodinia Generation.

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I am a data scientist made of 20% physics, 40% applied mathematics, 30% software engineering and 10% stupid questions.

I was a postdoc and PhD student at DTU Compute and the Center for Social Data Science in Sune Lehmann's lab. We published papers on community detection in temporal networks, user behavior in online platforms and human mobility. Some of it got published in a fancy journal. I worked on the HOPE project and built a comprehensive mobility tracking site. I was a lecturer at DIS Copenhagen for three years teaching intro data science and deep learning courses. I learned some things about communicating. I maintain open source Python libraries, notably Infostop and Netwulf.

I am currently building mathematical software for minimizing waste and optimizing operations at a startup called Rodinia Generation. We can make a dress, a pair of trousers or a shirt in two weeks, using no water, wasting zero chemicals and using no underpaid labour.