Claus Helix Nielsen, Vice President at Aquaporin A/S and Associate Professor at DTU Environment

He is a quick learner and very open to venture into new scientific disciplines. His interdisciplinary interest profile is highly beneficial for complex projects involving both academic and industrial partners. In addition he has an easy-going personality with a good flair for team-work which is essential in our type of project. (...)

Poul Hjorth, Associate Professor at DTU Mathematics

Aslak is a bright, inquisitive student, cheerful, always well prepared, and always extremely thorough with homework. He very quickly acquired a remarkable grasp of the central points and techniques in the not always trivial material, and proceeded to get top marks at the written exam. (...)

Carsten Knudsen, Senior Executive Education Officer at DTU Physics

Ulf was a very active student contributing in lectures as well as in practicals and in the laboratory. In addition to his professional contributions I got a very good impression of Ulf as an engaged and well-liked student. (...)