I also help clients get the most out of their data

The market is growing in complexity and lots of companies are learning that they don't have the necessary human resources to act on the rapidly increasing amount of information they have available. This, coupled with an increasing availability of computing power and advanced methods for processing data, creates a shift in the market's competitive landscape—companies that are slow to adapt are suddenly at risk of losing their edge, while others willing to invest in innovation can gain huge competitive advantages.

From time to time I help clients get the most out of their data. I accept three types of projects:

  1. From scratch. The client understands they are in possession of valuable data. This is the most common scenario and there are multiple ways that I can help a client get started leveraging their data. (1) Convince management: I deliver an analytical result that the client can present to their management to convince them to budget for innovation. (2) Hire the right people: I can help create job postings that attract desirable candidates and assess them in the hiring process.
  2. Scientific advice. The client has the internal resources necessary to act on their data. Having taught three university courses and aided several masters projects on the subject, I have extensive knowledge about computational and analytical methods for extracting patterns from data and building predictive models, and I can explain how methods work and how to use them. I consult with clients to figure out which computational approach best suits their data and offer periodic counseling to help them along the path to building a data science pipeline that will feed valuable knowledge into their decision making process.
  3. Data visualization. The client needs to visualize their data. This could be for anything from a demonstration at a conference to a UI component on their website. I can help the client prototype and develop a product that can be used for a broad range of purposes, starting from the raw data and leading to a beautiful visualization.

I never charge for a first meeting aimed at assessing the scope of a project and leveling expectations. Note that I do not solve engineering tasks, such as implementing predictive modules into a client's stack, restructurig databases and building data exploration dashboards. My expertise is in delivering analytical results and predictive models, giving scientific counseling, and creating interactive and animated data visualizations.